Life Coaching walks with you and encourages you on the path of your life.

What Makes Coaching Different?

Life coaching is a relatively new form of professional interaction leading to life change.  Many people equate coaching with counseling, mentoring or consulting, but this is not true.

Life Coaching, A Definition

Coaching is a facilitated monologue. It is a conversation with yourself.

The Coach helps you along this conversation by asking questions to help clarify your thoughts. 

Coaching uses silence, metaphors, recasting, rephrasing and clarifying to make your vision clear.

It looks at your unique personality, skills, values and life placement.

Coaching leads you to grasp your vision and goals, to look at the gap between where you are and where you want to be. It helps you discover actionable steps to close that gap.

A Life Coach walks with you and encourages you on the path of your life.
A Life Coach walks with you and encourages you on the path of your life.

Coaching Differs from Counseling

Counselling is directing and moving a damaged or hurting person to a healthier place.

Coaching is pulling out the reality of a healthy person’s life and dreams and uncovering the steps needed to get where they want to go.

Coaching Differs from Consulting

Consulting is a professional coming into a situation and giving advice as to how to improve.

Coaching doesn’t give advice but moves the client to find answers from their own knowledge and resources.

Coaching Differs from Mentoring

Mentoring is an expert in a given field guiding a mentee with lesser knowledge.

Coaching doesn’t claim expertise but instead treats the client as the expert and works to pull out the answers.

What does a coaching session look like?

A coaching session is a period of time set aside to interact with specific questions and situations that may be affecting the client.

It begins with reviewing the last session and what movement and progress has been made.

The session then moves into a time of clarifying what the client wants to focus on during the current session.

Much of the coaching session involve a time of painting the picture more clearly, and exploring possibilities, excitement and issues both known and perceived.

Finally, summarizing will follow to make sure things are seen and understood as clearly as possible.

The session ends with a clarification of action steps that the client commits to over the period of time until the next coaching session.

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