Simple Joy

What Is Simple Joy? Where do you find it? How do you get it? How do you keep it? What makes it worth pursuing?

I invite you to join me on the journey of discovering answers to those questions and more. First let me introduce myself. I am Tony Noordmans. I am a lot of things, including a country boy, a musician, a horseman, a husband and a dad.

Years ago I started a quest for simple joy. This journey has taken me many places and taught me a ton about myself and the worlds around me. In this blog I hope to share that with you, and to learn more myself as I dig deeper into this fascinating life.

We’ll look at life from many perspectives, ourselves from far away and close up, and the road of life turn by turn, as we move through changes that bring us closer to Simple Joy.

Tony Noordmans

Life Coach                                                                                                                             Coaching For Simple Joy                                             




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